Son of Johnny

At this time John is collaborating with his son, writer Joel Jessup, on animated digital content for both children and grown ups.

Joel has been creating animated stories for the last decade for the likes of BBC, Nickleoden and You Tube, and is currently engaged in developing a new animated series for kids.

John has developed many campaigns for clients like Kellogg's, P&G, and Cadbury's with a strong digital element.

Their collaboration will combine the strengths of their individual experience.


Here are a few examples of Joel's online animation creations.


Joel created a series of spoof government advisory videos for Youtube comedy channel HU HA! with celebrated on-line animator Jonti Picking. The B.A.D (British Advisory Department) would offer help in avoiding the perils of modern society, in this case American swear words.









Boyster is a current childrens series made for Disney's childrens channel. This is an episode penned by Joel, in which the lead character (a boy who's an oyster) takes an interest in 











Here is an episode of Dinopaws, a beautifully animated series for the BBC CBeebies childrens channel.













This is a character Joel developed called Serge the seal of death who appeared in the BBC2 series The Mr Hell Show a few years back. Serge is a fur seal pup who swears revenge on the fashion industry that murdered his mother and father.










Here's a music video that Joel wrote. It was an internet sensation scoring over 2 million hits.








These few examples of a vast portfolio of work produced by Joel demonstrate his skill in writing for both kids and adults and show why John is so excited in this new collaboration with his son. 

To see more of Joel's work and achievements go to his website.