Over the eons John created advertisments, in fact hundreds of them, here are just a few.




John had a long association with Kellogg's both as a creative and creative director.

He was involved in game changing work on some of their most iconic brands. Here are just a few of his favourites













"The great thing about working on this brand was you could come up with something nutty on one brief and then something thoughtful and considered on another."













John also worked on Macca's as a creative and creative director.He did this spot for the world cup with the then core of the England team.

"How does the saying goes "Never work with animals, children or footballers" ?

In fact they were great, as long as we kept the acting to a minimum."








John Worked briefly on the gaming brand, producing this work featuring Ian Wright and his son Sean. 

"Wrighty proved to be as good an actor as he was a footballer, and he was some footballer."





Asthma Society

This is a charity ad, directed by David Bailey and voiced by Alan Rickman that drew attention to a disease which was a bit neglected at the time. It also won many awards.

Print for Heinz
Print for Heinz

Print for Heinz
Print for Heinz

Print for Kellogg's
Print for Kellogg's

Once upon a time Kellogg's was the most trusted brand in the UK (Yeah really!) this campaign reflected that position.

Print for Heinz
Print for Heinz


Some print work.

The print ads here represent a very small percentage of the work John created as an art director and creative director