a short film.


This is an allegorical story of obsession

and possession.

People nowadays are obsessed with celebrity.  They crave fame and think it is the way to happiness.  More often or not it is the opposite, and takes them to a place of misery and despair.

Some people will give anything for their moment in the spotlight.

Then there are those that prey on these  attention seekers, who will offer them an easy ride to the land of  hopeless glory.


The original short story was written by Joel Jessup and adapted as a screen play by John and Joel Jessup.


Back in the summer of 2015, John wrote a treatment. While on a short vacation to Majorca he shared it with director Joan Cobos who he had previously collaborated with on a Kellogg’s project a couple of years before.


Joan was very excited about the possibilties and between them they set the production in motion.

They gathered a brilliant, experienced crew and a talented cast. The bulk of the film was shot on location in Greenwich and Wapping , East London in March 2016.


The final film is planned for completion in the summer 2016, ready for the festivals.

The film has enjoyed success at festivals across the world, being shortlisted at 17 to date and winning 5 awards.

A look at the film's website will give you a more complete view of the making of the film, the people involved and it's progress at the festivals.


Here is the trailer.